Social Media as a Mirror

I encourage everyone to develop this habit

  1. Once a fortnight/month, go to your most active Social Media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  2. Scroll as if you were someone else (logging out helps).
  3. Ask “Who is this person?”
  4. Ask more “Do I like this person?”


Forget Likes or Comments, let’s start with BEING YOU.



Experiment #1 – Blog everyday

As per my last post, I am going to start a series of 10-day (+/- as needed) challenges to keep my many persona projects going.

#1 did not start on the best note. Technically I missed the day and now at 2:30 am I am finally putting fingers to keyboard.

Today I want to write about Self-Experimentation which is kind of what I am doing now, designing experiments (e.g. 10 continuous day of blogging) on a single subject (me!) to collect data (how I feel, what I have done) to test a hypothesis (that small and regular time-based challenges contribute to lifestyle changes).

A poor diary keeper, I never bothered to keep a record of my previous “self projects”. The longest log I ever kept was the calorie/exercise count on MyFitnessPal (a separate and long story). Occasionally I would start a spreadsheet, or invest in a fancy notebook, but neither managed to change my habit.

Yesterday while googling the topic of X-day challenges, I found a series of X-day challenges templates from Checkli templates. While Checkli is designed to “make and share free checklists” (an app), their templates came up in the image search. Nothing ground-breaking but just simple, elegantly-designed, and functional. Shoutout to Checkli – I downloaded your app too!

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.37.35 AM


It is a print version only – not editable. Which may actually be a great idea – I can put it up on the wall right by my desk (no escape) as opposed to having it as one of the 20 windows on my laptop.

So, here I go, #1 challenge, day 1. Done.


Have you tried any 10-day challenge?

..or 2 weeks…or 30 get the idea. A lifestyle change, maybe completing a workout programme, or – and this is a yummy one – do a Julie & Julia.

Reason for asking

I am sick of Me (again) so I am starting a New Me. Unfortunately, while I pride myself on constantly learning and evolving, the lack of well-defined milestones means minuscule changes occur over an unnecessarily lengthy period. The fast-and-furious way? Tried and crashed, achievements were short-lived.

Allow me to ponder here a bit….

Here’s the Goal

Solid lifestyle changes that take neither too long nor too short a period to complete. I’d like to think this is a pretty universal want, don’t you think?

Here’s the Approach beautifully captured


Note the “Day In Day Out” part. It’s about habit forming, it’s about consistent schedule….(it’s about that thing I am so very bad in).

Meaning, I will do this

  1. Setting up 10-day challenges with teeny tiny Daily Milestones for each day.
  2. Post my challenges here – goal, daily milestones, report-worthy moments, etc.

And here’s 10-day challenge #1
Post everyday for the next 10 days, any topic.

Phew, it feels monumental already 🙂




Pokemon GO, stay.

As a parent, I highly encourage our kids to go Pokemon-Go-ing. It is Social Currency. It is Tech Advancement.

It does NOT mean they will automatically be idiots walking into traffic to catch a Pokemon. Au contraire, our kids are fully aware of the safety issue (without our guidance) and enjoy the game as a pastime e.g. backseat driving. They asked to pick up new books as treats – screen and book CAN co-exist.

As for myself, I am very interested in how Augmented Reality (what Pokemon Go really is) can be applied to other facets of life. I am not into gaming yet I see the potential, the possibility of building AR for very good causes.

Let’s remember, it is not just a game per se. It is a technology and we have the privilege and responsibility to enhance human life via technology!!


I turned/will turn 48, depending on where the birthday greetings come from 🙂 Already receiving good wishes (via Facebook of course) from friends on the other side of the globe.

Following the earth rotation, in-person celebration shall begin technically in 12 mins (midnight) and realistically whenever I get up in the morning!

At 48, I have simmered down my birthday wish to a simple statement: Energy, Presence, and Get Organized!


I have not written for 1.5 years


My last post was in Feb 2015, a whole 1.5 years ago.

Blogging is not my livelihood; it is just a mean of sharing my thoughts, feelings and opinions. To be honest, I had a hard time nailing down what exactly I was committed to share with the world.



What happened since my last post was an intensive, very intensive, period of family health issues and resulting stress (not exaggerated or imaginary as I was sent for multiple cancer tests only to conclude it was a serious case of stress-induced issues). All on top of the usual work, parenting, etc.  Thank goodness for a super husband and super kids….still. Without sharing details right now, let’s say my family and I had spent a significant amount of time at the medical and various others professionals. Still, business went on, school went on, and we have all MADE IT.

I came out from this anno horribilis with more empathy, more clarity, and more ambitions. Quite different from the “hear me roar” attitude in my younger days, it is a saturated, warm and (dare I say) more mature way to progress.

It is not a flash in the pan passion. It is Simmering Goodness.




2 mins, go!

I am going to write a post on procrastination, after weeks of procrastinating as a blogger. So you bet my mind is on the subject.

Source: Favim

Procrastination weighs on one’s mind like a tonne of bricks. It drags you down and before you know it, you are at a rather unhappy place. The popularity of this topic, as seen in books, articles, etc..clearly indicates that it is part of human nature. Or at least some humans, like me!

I have on numerous occasions beat that inertia. And it feels great when the hurdle has been crossed and the task done. You know the feeling?

Today, I came across some nuggets of advice that you may find helpful. It is from James Clear called the “2-Minute Rule that is The Easiest Way to Quit Procrastinating For Good”. (Admittedly, most “easiest way to <insert subject>” articles are worthless or even spammy.  However, this one strikes a chord with me and I can attest that it does work.)

There are 2 parts

Part 1 – If it takes less than 2 minutes, then do it now.

Part 2 – When you start a new habit, it should take less than 2 minutes to do.

Translating into real life examples…

Want to become a better writer? Just write one sentence (2–Minute Rule), and you’ll often find yourself writing for an hour.

Want to eat healthier? Just eat one piece of fruit (2–Minute Rule), and you’ll often find yourself inspired to make a healthy salad as well.

Want to make reading a habit? Just read the first page of a new book (2–Minute Rule), and before you know it, the first three chapters have flown by.

Want to run three times a week? Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, just get your running shoes on and get out the door (2–Minute Rule), and you’ll end up putting mileage on your legs instead of popcorn in your stomach.

My experience

For years, I had been an armchair athlete. I read about workout, I read about nutritions, I read about everything…without actually moving my behind. The need to “plan big” had been holding me back. Then out of the blue, I decided to stop reading and thinking and just did it. The results are briefly captured in my post “Dread Exercising?”.

Instead of thinking or planning to exercise, I just started moving. In 2 mins, my body was awake and was asking for more.

Ditto for re-organizing some dreaded corners of the house. No big plans.  I just started doing it and before I knew, I had cleared out a whole closet of junk.

Perhaps you are a thinker/planner like me? If so, yes, the “2 mins, just do it” thing seems counter-intuitive. But give it a try anyway. The worst case scenario – you lost a few minutes. Possible best case scenario? The sky is the limit 🙂

Enjoy your Thursday!