The allure of learning

It is oh too easy to someone like to me to be lost in the Land of Learning.….


…..which unfortunately is not always connected to the Land of Application and Execution.


Naming a Site or a Blog

I am in the midst of setting up a new platform that represents an integrated vision of my personal and professional identities.

It should be simple, authentic, and easy to remember. It will be the hub for people to understand the big picture and navigate to different parts of me.

While it all plays out nicely in my head, the execution of the vision is not easy. I am already stuck on the first step i.e. naming the site/blog!

Any advice? Please?




It’s not writer’s block.

I need an outlet and have, for years, blogged extremely infrequently to get my thoughts out there. Just out there, preferably with accidental readers, but okay too if none.

I attributed my failure to establish the blogging habit to  (1) lack of discipline (2) writer’s block. But now I have a third explanation that may help me to move the needle.

On (1). It was a nonsense thought, now I see. There just hasn’t been a solid reason or meaningful incentive for me to blog. Except to get musings out there and over the years Facebook has become my go-to channel.

On (2). My “writer’s block” is very situational. In particular, it only happens when I am actually on WordPress (i.e. the “official” blog place). On Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc., struggles are rare, be it for professional or personal purposes.

Stepping back, I wonder if my self-inflicted pressure of “proper blogging” has been holding me back. Blogging sounds so much more serious than merely posting. Blogging ought to be relatively strategic, with a clear goal and audience. Blogging must be more than a few words; ideally a well-constructed piece with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

My Aha moment?

So here’s to a new mindset, where right here on WordPress, I will write just to tell you something. It may be a sentence, it may be a long tale, it may be a link or a picture. Something du jour.

Afterall, blogging actually comes from the word “Web Logging”. So here I am, just logging along!

13 Months of blogging gap!

I don’t write professionally (ha, of course you can tell), nor do I have any followers per se. But once or twice, over the years, some of you kind people responded which made me very happy.

THIRTEEN months had passed between my last and second last post. The timestamps are really a testimony to the fact that lots have happened and that survival/growth/evolution period could only be done  away from writing (in public).

I think I may be ready to blog publicly WHILE managing challenges now. I am at a different stage. Or perhaps, just perhaps, some of you can resonate.

Till next post.

Lemons and Lemonade

“I am making tonnes of lemonade!” I exclaimed during many one-on-one deep work-life conversations with peers.

For me, there’s nothing cliche about this catchphrase, as it captures a significant thread in my life in the past 6 years or so.

Very happy to get to this point, this moment, where I can share what I call my Lemonade Stories.

It’s a bit of a cryptic post – just need to get it out there right now 🙂 Thanks and hope you are having a good day.