What makes one Graceful?

Grace is one of the pillars that make up what I call “a whole package of goodness”. I want to capture this quality I see in some women in my network – their presence transforms the moment into a zone of warmth and appreciation.

But when I began to write about this topic, I had a second thought. Is Grace the right word at all? Maybe being graceful is all about demonstrating elegant manners, something that one can learn a la Eliza Doolittle? That does not quite capture the quality I have in mind. And if someone is very elegant but in an aloof way, can she still be described as being graceful? The lack of warmth is not right. And surely gracefulness is best shown through one’s interactions with others?


So, I consulted the (online) dictionaries!

Grace is defined as:

  • Seemingly effortless beauty of charm of movement, form, or proportion
  • Smoothness and elegance of movement
  • Courteous, Good will
  • A pleasing or charming quality
  • (Graces) an attractively polite manner of behaving


Moreover, Grace is also

  • A sense of propriety and consideration for others

For me, that last point really gels everything together. Though important, elegant manners alone don’t make one graceful. That Je ne sais quoi quality I try to describe is built upon a genuine sense of considerations for others.

Do you agree?


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