The Myth of Effortless Chic

The best fashion tip I’ve ever read is from Scott Shuman, the Sartorialist.

There is no such thing as effortless chic. If you are secretly harbouring the dream that someday you will be consistently, thoughtlessly reach in to your closet and pull out a super chic ensemble, well, you are fighting a no-win battle with yourself.

100311GDE_9099Web (1)

Now that’s sage advice from a star photographer who captures personalities, not just trends, in his shots, whether it is from the runway, during fashion show weeks, or just, the most interesting of all, through random encounters with every day folks on the streets throughout the world.

I breathed a sign of relief when I read that, to be honest. It can be tiring to keep up a standard – perhaps necessary for public personalities especially those who work in the fashion industry, but for the rest of us, let’s be realistic, 365/24/7 chic??

Still, how do these effortlessly chic people do it? Scott has observed that….

…..not about how much money they have, but how attuned they are to their reality. It’s an almost zen-like sense of self-awareness.

…..they all tend to be cautious shoppers. They make the tough decisions in the dressing room, not in their closet…if you only fill your closet with what works then just grabbing things from that closet will be a million times easier… hence the perception of “effortlessness”.

Do you love his advice as much as I do?


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