Setback? The Art of U-Turning.

Mastering the skills of U-Turning will save you lots of anguish (and wrinkles).

I had a bad meeting yesterday. It did turn out to be successful….. but I was painfully aware of my sub-par performance in steering the conversation smoothly. If I am a 10 on my best day, yesterday would be a 4. As someone who have been told (by too many, for too many times) that I tend to be hard on myself, I would still be beating myself up …. had I not been introduced to the art of u-turning.

Curiously, I came across the term “U Turn” not in any business or self-improvement book, but a diet book – You: on a Diet (sidenote: a fun reference but no, I did not follow their programme.) In fact, the authors use “YOU turn” but you get the gist of it….Here’s an article that explains “YOU-turn”.

In essence, U-turning is about expecting or even planning for curve balls, so you are constantly armed with both the mindset and strategy to efficiently deal with setback as productively as possible. As the saying goes, why cry over spilled milk?

It is similar to business terms like Pivoting (Lean Startup) or a post-mortem that some companies conduct after completing a project.


Hats off if you were born with a U-Turn radar. But if you are more like the old-me who had a tough time dealing with setback, I hope this post provides with you something to consider! Chin up!


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