Heels, Glorious Heels (or not)

When it comes to heels, there are 3 camps: Must have, Stupid idea, and those 1.5-inch devotees in between.

Source: Favim.com

I myself belong to the 1.5-inch camp because of my total inability to master heels. Many are objects of beauty, architectural wonders really (and I am not being sarcastic here, there are so many things a top notch designer can dream up), but they will always remain eye candy for someone like me.

Well, me and millions of women in the world. Try googling “how to wear heels” and you will find everything from instructional videos, doctors’ warnings, women falling, training classes from a former model (!), training classes from a man (!!), and confessions of the ultimate heel advocate Sarah Jessica Parker (!!!)

My take? I am not a doctor, a fashion guru, or what not to participate in this debate.  Your body, your style, your choice.

Nevertheless, I do have my 2 cents to share when it comes to women + career + heels. No, make that 2 dollars, this is quite a list.

Save the unusual/artistic/look-at-me shoes for after hours

Source: highheelsdaily.com

Indulging in the unexpected is cool, I like it. There are websites and even a whole museum devoted to the art of shoes and shoe-making. But unless you work in the fashion industry or alike, such footwear will only act as distractions. You never know how people would react to it. Perhaps you would be regarded as a unique and creative individual, a bonus for your professional image, or – much more likely for most business context – your attire would be considered inappropriate and unprofessional. There is no one definition for “artistic” or “unusual” shoes, so please exercise your judgement.

Pilot run – how long can you walk in those heels?

Source: shoeperwoman.com

I once attended an important meeting. Parking right outside, straight to the office, all good.  Until I was given a tour. A long tour of the big building. You see, I was betting on a nice sit-down talk and was spotting my 3-inch new shoes. So please don’t be stupid like I was. Never bet on just “being there”. If the conversation continues afterwards at a nearby pub, you want/should be there without worrying about that 5-block walk.

Classy heels as part of your outfit

My hats off to those who can master heels and incorporate them elegantly into their style. Here are a random few I like from The Satorialist. Garance (1st picture) is one of the best-dressed women I have come across because she makes everything works for her, and always appears to be comfortable. Giovanna (2nd picture) is similar, just a bit more colourful and daring.

Be comfortable, but don’t be an eyesore

Source: nytimes.com

Those are “Furkenstock” from Céline’s.  I don’t care if they are lux, cozy and ergonomically sound, they just don’t cut it. The same goes for well-worn sandals, anything that resembles slippers, UGG….you get the picture.

Admit your defeat, wear flats or low heels

Source: nytimes.com

Browsing for “low heels for work” images, I almost got distracted and started online shopping!  If like me you toddle on high heels, admit it and live with it. There are so many delicious options out there, from luxe to affordable….and all far from your boring matron-y pumps.

And I don’t really buy the “It” shoes concept either. Below are a few in my closet (years old but never made it to my feet yet….shame on me). Unless you are a die hard fashionista, you probably would not point and laugh at me being so last season.


Signing off, I am leaving you with a “fun facts about shoes” questionnaire from the Bata Museum!


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