Hello Blog, I am back.

I guess it can be countered as a rite of passage, this absence of posts for 7 weeks. Don’t all non-professional bloggers go through this at some point? Writer’s block, perhaps, or being overwhelmed with more important matters in life?

I hope so. Just to feel less embarrassed and guilty about my absence!

Source: womenonthefence.com

Having stepped away for a while, I feel that it is time to change the direction of this blog a bit. From day 1, I had envisioned a blog that would likely start with good intentions but a weak voice. With practice – and interactions with other bloggers – the blog will grow and evolve into something that feels right to both the audience and myself.

This is the time to experiment the next step.

My main challenge is to strike the balance between writing posts that are valuable for others and, at the same time, “flow” from my personal experience and observation. This is not supposed to be a business blog or a news hub; it is personal, from me to you.

Well, I just have to start writing again and see where this takes me. Simmering goodness takes time, afterall.


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