Summer living, the air-conditioned version

There is tremendous pressure for one to enjoy summer days, especially in a country like ours that is famous for its long, cold, dreary winter.

The media keeps reminding me that I should feel the urge to dip into a cold lake or a splash pad, line up a series of outdoor activities, fire up the BBQ (daily), swarm restaurant patios, move my office (laptop) outside…

And if you opt to be indoors in, gasp, an air-conditioned house, you should feel that you have wasted away some precious moments of your life.

Am I the only one who feels the pressure?

The truth is, I don’t feel that “sunny, oh gosh, I *must* go outside” urge. I did once, when I was a sunworshipper (we did not know better then) and my one and only goal was to achieve that golden crispiness we considered beauty.  Since I became a sunscreen advocate, that bright yellow ball outside suddenly appeared rather evil.


Air-conditioning is no evil

Don’t get me wrong. I do go outside; I am no vampire. But I quite enjoy the beauty of an air-conditioned room. Preferably with a large window so I can see the sunny joy but still bathed in a cool 22C. Really, it is ok to want it all and have it all.

Are you with me?


The Magazine Hour

My local cafe has an excellent assortment of magazines.  What to read to go with my well deserved java? Here’s the result of my decision (or lack thereof).


When I was 15, my favourite magazine was Seventeen.

Since then I had a series of fashion magazine love affairs progressing from teen-zines to Mademoiselle, Marie Claire, Elle, and Vogue.

Then it all stopped. How and when it happened, I cannot recall with accuracy, but at one point the weight of a heavy issue and the smell of the fresh print no longer excited me. Flipping through the pages led to as opposed to relieved me from boredom.

Plus there’s the issue of clutter. Moving across the oceans and within a city countless times had given me plenty of opportunities to marvel at my piles of magazines, kept “as reference” for some unknown future reasons.

And with my focus turned from study+fashion to work then work+family, I have pretty much pared down to just one subscription, Business Week, to which I am a major addict. I have give Time and Newsweek their chances but Business Week remains my favourite. Local publications? Toronto Life (which ironically serves as a reminder of what I have missed, like that list of must-visit restaurants).

Paper or Digital?

As a digital professional, I have always been an advocate of online this and online that. “I am online therefore I am” pretty much sums it up. But I am not going to lie to you, I prefer my Business Week in my mailbox, on my dining table, in my bathroom (sorry TMI perhaps). It’s not that I am a stubborn old geek, but because it is quicker to flip over all the ad pages in the paper format. Plus sticky fingers go better with paper then my iPad or phone.

Who am I (today)?

Funny how my magazine loot reflects the woman I have became. One should have it all; one wants it all.  Freebie TIME magazine? How can I ever turn that down. Ah, our house is going through a major overhaul (hmm, that’s a status quo actually), home design inspirations? Please! And good old Vogue..when was the last time I laid my eyes on one? Never hurt to have some eye candy, right?

Perhaps next time I visit, I will pick up a cooking magazine? Who knows.

The joy of this game is that no commitment is required. Unlike a book, you don’t need to “get into the rhythm” of a magazine. You flip, you scan…and if you don’t like it, move on to the next one. No commitment, no stress. Now that’s a perfect companion to a good cup of coffee!

What about you? Do you have a favourite magazine? Do you find that your taste has changed over the years?