Winter to Spring

Non-Canadians talk about the Canadian winters. Canadians complain about the Canadian winters.

As I have chosen to live in this country and winters do and will continue to come once a year, I made a vow: I would not complain during Winter 2013.

Winter 2013
Winter 2013


It’s the end of March 2014 and I am proud to say that I have kept my promise.

  • It has made the above-average numbers of cold weather warnings slightly more bearable. In fact, I joked that Environment Canada mind as well declare storm/cold weather warning for all times. In that case, we would at least cheer when the warning is occasionally off.
  • It has given me an excuse to do more shoe-shopping (snowboots are shoes yet should not eat into any “pretty shoes” budget).
  • During one of the worst ice-storms, Torontonians opened their hearts, wallets and homes to help each other out. It says a lot about our people; we turned a natural disaster into heart-warming collective memories.

Storm 2012


Today, I took a walk in between appointments. It felt like Spring. It *is* Spring.

And so, a winter without complaints, accomplished.



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