A Smarter Life


April 7, 2014 by evelynso

I don’t have a lot of followers for many reasons, 2 top ones being (1) I don’t post often! (2) I have not quite decided on the focus of this blog, aside from the fact that it ought to contain “bits and bobs” as they “all add up to a whole lot of goodness”.

Life is all about simmering a bunch of miscellaneous yet somehow interconnected elements, that much I am sure about.



So, to put some sticks in the ground, and to share my ongoing thoughts, I am going to shovel a bunch of stuff under “A Smarter Life”, where I explore tools, books, articles, etc that point to developing a Smarter Life.

A Smarter Life is:

  • Productive, without sacrificing health
  • Physically healthy, with treats incorporated in moderation and without spending ridiculous hours in the gym
  • Mentally healthy, with strategies to deal with life’s ups and downs
  • Fun, with constant discoveries like a child (and with your children, if you are a parent)
  • Social, as a loner can never be truly smart.


To begin with, I will tackle this organization thing. The “Getting Things Done”, or GTD, book has been collecting digital dust on my Kobo shelf.

So here I go, please join me.




3 thoughts on “A Smarter Life

  1. soohoocity says:

    I like all the points you have listed. I look forward to your future posts on the insights on those points.

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