Back to T25

I am re-kickstarting my body today with T25 Focus. (No, I am not a seller).

It probably makes more sense had I shared my workout history and routine to put this in context…but, time must not be wasted, as I’m determined to face my Perfectionism by no longer writing, re-writing, over-thinking, or delaying my blog posting!



I pick from my huge repertoire of workouts depending on my needs. At the moment, huge urgency regarding the following:

  • To continue with the momentum of dealing with my eating disorder (binge-eating/bulimia) that has improved tremendously since I worked with a therapist, adopted intuitive eating, and worked on issues like Perfectionism.
  • To kickstart my body out of inertia. Usually it only takes a few sessions of workout to get back.
  • To alleviate that awful bloating and lethargy due to 2 days of binges and anxiety, triggered by a minor event (you would laugh….housekeeper was not well so she sent her sister-in-law who not only destroyed my favourite cashmere sweater but put it away without telling me. It was in the no-touch pile, BTW)
  • To do the above, start with a workout that allows me to ease back in with (1) fun (2) low impact, but still intensive. My cardio takes about 2 quick sessions to get back to shape…jumping power a bit longer as my calves pretty much disappear once I stop working out!


For fellow Perfectionists/Over-thinkers out there, I fess up – I almost wanted to do do a plan – strategy! – first before even getting off the chair. To pick a workout within a split second to kick start something important (for my body, my mind…and those tight jeans!) was daunting.

But I am glad I used the time to write about it instead. Because now I no longer procrasinate posting, AND I get to workout right away, AND I hopefully get to start sharing and hearing others’ stories in their journey of fitness and health.


Off to the basement gym I go!



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