Defining a Fun Workout

Yesterday I successfully re-booted my engine with 30 mins of T25 Focus.  I mentioned that I picked T25 because it was fun and a good way to ease back into intensive exercises safely.

Let me clarify what I meant by a FUN workout.


Fun = You look forward to it

If you do not work out, you probably think this is sooo cliche. I certainly did, before my transformation. Crazy people who look forward to moving, sweating…and pains? Not me, thank you.

You know what happened? I got lazy. I threw my jaw-clenching ambitions out the window. I put aside my pride and ego and started small. Like REALLY small. My first DVD was Leslie Sanson’s basic walk programme. (Even seniors could do it).

This turned out to be the smartest strategy ever.

I could not do more than a few mins. So I took a break. I felt ok being a “loser” – at least I succeeded in “moving for a few mins”. So the next day, I did not dread to go back, and of course my body could do a teeny bit more. And more.

And here I am today.


Fun = You enjoy the process

Our kids are taught to try new foods at least once. If they don’t like it, we won’t push. But without trying, they would never know what they have missed.

The same go for workouts.  Since I learned a “routine” from a personal trainer in my early 20s, I never contemplated other options. While the world of fitness has moved on, I had not. I did try Yoga a few times, but that was it.  I refused to believe that one can achieve without going to a gym with specific weights and machines.

Imagine my surprise when Pilates transformed my body in a short period of time. I was only at a beginner’s level! That alone gave me the chance to “feel” my body in a different way, and open my eyes to all possibilities. And oh it’s like a candy store out there, with an abundance of affordable DVDs, free videos, blogs, and more.

With experience, I finally understood my preferences, my strength and limitations, my “I am bored!” threshold…etc.  Oh, and the importance of picking a trainer that does not irritate me. Shaun T is not bad, which is the reason why I picked his workout yesterday. I also bought Fitness Blender‘s e-plan because they are such a sweet couple 🙂

And oh, I know people who say they hate the workout but love the results so they stick with it. I don’t recommend that; you can only do something you hate for so long..then what?


Fun – You get good results (preferably quick!)

Below is one of my favourite Reasons to be Fit pictures:



Endorphin high + flushed cheeks + self pride + sore muscles + luxurious shower.  Best.

One of the best sport science advice/discoveries in recent years is that you do not have to exercise for HOURS to get results. I can honestly tell you that my 30 mins of HIIT is more efficient than my 2 hours in the gym (weights, machines, talk, weights, machines, walk around).

I call that Smart Exercising. Same as other areas in my life, I have discovered that doing more is just doing more.

Doing SMART is the right path to learn and take.




It’s almost 11:30 pm and I plan to do 30 mins of Fitness Blender 8 weeks fitness then off to a long shower then Netflix in bed. My energy level is still low but I know today will be better than yesterday.  Night.








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