Summer Patio + Date Night + Good Eat

For our July date night, we tried Lil Baci Taverna, discovered via OpenTable.

Do you know It’s made for us – parents-foodies-wanna-be who don’t have the bandwidth or time to really plan for a good date night, thereby relying on last-minute reservations that hopefully still guarantee a decent experience.


Big warm smiles greeted us. Always a good sign. And just the right table-for-two out on the patio on the side street.

Here’s a neat little writeup of the owner and this gem.

I checked the menu before booking and was impressed with (1) a small but solid dinner menu, with “buildable” small plates and full-sized entrees (2) a wine list that is categorized by Cheap/Good/Very Good in addition to the usual White, Red, etc. You got to love honesty, no?


On our table…

Pomodoro. Basil. Parmigiano. Meatballs.
(no pictures….husband confirmed it was very well made…fresh pasta and veal meatballs).

Pan Roasted Sardines.
Lemon. Capers. EVOO. Arugula.



Creamy Polenta. Parmigiano.
(no pictures…in belly)


With garlic. Chili. Vinegar.
To go with the sardines and polenta, the waiter served this ON THE HOUSE. The combo was heavenly.




Was this the best find ever? Of course not. Was it a perfect evening? Yes!  It’s chemistry really, that perfect balance of food, service, conversations, weather, $$ bill….and oh, a parking spot right in front of the restaurant 🙂

Any parents out there? Tell me about your date night  – where you went, what you had, and what you plan to do next time!








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