Clouded Clarity

You know that light-bulb moment when you achieve clarity? 

I had that moment about a month into intuitive eating. Deprivation-driven eating (too few calories, too many food/workout rules) was fading, while emotional triggers became more detectable.

Work in full swing, food to follow. Cause and Effect.  Clarity was a sweet, sweet thing.

Yet, as expected, the path is never linear.  It’s now foggy; causes for recent binge episodes unidentified.

I miss my logical inner world of peace.

Artist: Loui Jover


Here’s what I have done to prevent slipping back
Ignore what I did and how I feel (bloated! guilty! confused!) and keep to my work out plan. Again, endorphins prove to be the best remedy *PROUD*


Here’s what I will do to regain clarity

  • Consolidate AND clear my to-do list in earnest. I am pretty sure that the pile of procrastinated “stuff” is building up stress deep, deep inside my core.
  • Keep up with my workout plan.
  • Practise breathing. While I’ve back into HIIT quite well, my Pilates has slipped….my mind just isn’t quite there to handle the movements. Oh so cliche, but the mind-body connection does need mending.



Challenges? Bring them on.





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