Getting out of a Bulimic cycle

Breaking free from Bulimia or any Eating Disorder is a very, very long journey. Meanwhile, one needs some good tools to get quickly out of a bad cycle i.e. a series of binge or binge-and-purge episodes over a few days.

I have consistent success in employing 3 tricks. If you are on your Eating Disorder discovery/recovering journey, please try them out!



#1 – Tricking your own mind
Denial and Ignorance are 2 traits I cannot stand. HOWEVER, they can be usefully employed when it comes to binge management.

After a binge episode, you feel bloated, “fat”, tired, and guilty.  Slipping into a vicious cycle, you eat more to stub out those unpleasant feelings, to temporarily disengage from whatever has been bothering you.  And there breeds a new cycle.

Your body is not lying to you though – you ARE indeed bloated from too much salt/sugar, you ARE lethargic because you have been eating without moving.

But you have a choice regarding how to feel about the situation.

  • Choice A: Regrets, frustration and guilty feeling -> Vicious cycle
  • Choice B: Ignore or even deny how bloated you feel -> Back to Normal state of mind (and eating)

In other words, RESETTING your mind will RESET your behaviours.

Instead of reminding yourself of the binge episodes, you pretend nothing has happened. You go on with your programme – mindful and intuitive eating, enjoyable workouts – as if nothing bad has happened. 

You just killed the vicious cycle before it had a chance to grow!


#2 – Move, move, move!
Workout is a miracle cure, it really is. And remember: I am speaking as someone who only discovered this in her 40s…so it is never ever too late.

Here’s what will happen to you and your body when you just move your body for a bit

  1. You begin to feel alive; you get your head out of the post-binge zone where you focus so much on being “fat”, tired and guilty.
  2. You sweat, you get rid of water retention.
  3. You produce endorphins that make you feel better overall.
  4. You feel stronger and you are more flexible, all positive feelings to drown out the negative chatters in your head.

If you were like the old-me, the last thing you wanted to do is to move. I was there only 2 days ago…I binged then I slept A LOT. Today I eased back into a couple of workouts and am afreshed and ready for better days.


#3 – Self Awareness and External Support
Last but not least, the ultimate tool ….
The more you develop self-awareness, the more you solicit support from close ones, the quicker you will learn to recognize the signs and spring into positive actions.


Try these 3 methods and let me know how they work out for you!



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