Giddy over Doodling (Thank you, Sunni Brown!)

Aimless bookstore browsing, came upon this book.

Sending the author, Sunni Brown, a big fat virtual Thank-You Hug!


I am a visual person who cannot produce visual materials. For a long while, the boxes and lines of PowerPoint and Visio served my purpose. But as my work and thinking got increasingly complex, a insatiable itch started to brew.

I did not have the words for what I wanted to achieve, but they should resemble something commonly known as “visual thinking”.

2 pioneering companies came to mind (ok, younger folks, please remember these companies started in the last century hence they were pioneers and should always be respected as such).




Here’s the official description

We have been helping large organizations clarify, communicate, and achieve their goals since 1993. XPLANE leverages visual thinking, human-centered design, co-creation, and multi-disciplinary teams to help clients solve complex problems and accelerate immediate and lasting results.

As someone with a Master’s degree in human-centered design, > 20 years of experience in multi-disciplinary team and co-creation,  it is no wonder I feel lacking without the ability to construct the 4th element, visual thinking.

Visual communication is used throughout all parts of businesses, from strategy planning to communication. The difference between XPlane experts and I are the tools we use. Mine – basic flowcharts, boxes, circles and lines, occassional fancy shapes – are frustratingly rudimentary and limited.


#2 – Common Craft

Common Craft’s visual language of choice is Video. As a company, they have come a looong way from showing the world a new form of communication to providing online membership-based services.



But…here’s the problem….

Both XPlane and Common Craft require expert or near-expert skills in creating those content.


Hence my INSTANT LOVE for Brown’s The Doodle Revolution.

The Doodle Revolution is a global campaign for visual literacy.

To many of us, it gives us the reassurance and guidance that we too can doodle in order to

  1. Clarify our thinking
  2. Solve problems
  3. Communicate
  4. (and much more but you have to read the book yourself)


I have even joined the revolution and am now a “soldier” waiting for further instructions!

Watch out for this space…you may see my showcase piece sometime in the near future.


I am exceptionally excited about Brown’s work because it focuses on applying infodoodling in the business context. While there are other books that talk about sketching ideas, I am impressed that Doodle Revolution is generic enough for all purposes yet specific enough to be used right away for my brainstorming and client communication.

Verdict? I don’t have the final one yet as I briefly lifted my head from the book to share my giddiness with the world 🙂 So far, 5 out of 5 for

  • Book content structure
  • Writing
  • Clarify (but of course)
  • Ease of reading (very much so, light yet substantial)
  • Actual learning – Brown promised and she has delivered; the learning curve has been sharp and enjoyable.


Also, it is one of those physical books that is actually worth investing. You won’t be able to find ad hoc free info for the same learning, nor will a digital version deliver the same experience.

It’s late and I must hit the sack. Meanwhile, you may want to hear all about Doodling from Sunni Brown herself, on the TED stage.




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