Embracing the Ebbs and Flows in the New Year

Bidding goodbye to a most horrendous Year 2014. Here are a few thoughts on embracing the ups and downs of life.

We have had an extremely tough year as a family, health-wise. Happy to report that the most serious issues have been cleared. There are flickers of light, daily, to encourage us to keep going, knowing we will be rewarded in the long run.

Even after an absolutely-do-nothing recuperation during the holidays, thanks to my marvellous and supportive husband, I still do not have enough energy to share all information appropriately on this public space. However, I do want to jot down some thoughts on how I embrace the ups and downs of life.  Rather, how I have learned to and continue to improve on the fine art of embracing the ebbs and the flows, the good and the ugly.

I am sure some of you may be having challenges too, and I hope this post would somehow deliver some warm encouragement.

1. Reaching out

I have reached out to personal friends and on topic-specific online groups. Super grateful for all the support I have received from near and afar.

I have been called “brave” for sharing my health issues. It surprised me every time someone mentioned that, because for me health issues – mental, physical, known, unknown – should not be a taboo or secretive. Having said that, I do understand in many cultures, ailments are seen as kind of “imperfections”, an unfair connotation that is the focus of many health campaigns.

If you have some heath issues, PLEASE, seek professional guidance and reach out for support. I find that it is easiest to talk with friends who already/are most likely to understand the issues in question. It can be tiring, frustrating, or even discouraging to talk with people with strong and stubborn presumptions.

2. Seek and follow professional guidance

There appears to be a trend of opposing the “evil institutions” from doctors to pharmaceutical companies. Listen, yes, they are out there to make a profit/living, but their knowledge is infinitely more reliable than what you can find via googling. The key is to work WITH your medical professionals – the more you are involved, the more you ask, the more you contribute, the more you are in control of your own health WITH expert advice.

The same goes for the “soft” side of the equation such as therapies. It may be hit or miss, but (learning from experience), it is most likely a better investment than buying self-help books or going the yoga-cures-all route that are catered for the masses.

3. Learning, always

I am a silver-lining person; it is in my nature to see some goods out of a bad experience, and learn and move forward. Perhaps this is not your second nature, but why not at least try?

Think of every curve ball as an opportunity to learn. If you succeed, a HUGE pat on the shoulder!! Go brag about it!!! Go celebrate!

If not, you have some special learning under your belt, which translate into advantages in the next round. See, no matter what, you learn, you GAIN.

4. Fist world problem, perhaps?

Our almost-new dishwasher started leaking after Christmas. I am handwashing everything while waiting for the spare parts ad repairs. This is insanity, this is torture….and this is the acceptable reality of many people around the world.

Handwashing dishes for a finite period of time is absolutely nothing compared to the wars, famines and political uproars experienced daily by people in other parts of the world.

Perspectives help.

5. Growing old, lucky you

Remember this, each day you wake up.

Wishing all of you a Happy and Healthy Year 2015. Please help me to blog frequently and regularly in the new year 🙂


3 thoughts on “Embracing the Ebbs and Flows in the New Year”

    1. alicerose91 – I really appreciate your reblogging and that you found my advice useful. I briefly read about your NHS experience and will read more later. Here’s to a Healthy New Year!

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