A Happy Moment

(Today’s) Happiness is sleeping in (too ashamed to share my wake-up time), doing mindless laptop-ing when listening to sons playing monopoly, husband cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and be fed a slice of melt-in-the-mouth pork loin with just the right touch of spiciness and sweetness.


Eugenio Zampighi, The Happy Family (Source: spanierman.com)
Eugenio Zampighi, The Happy Family (Source: spanierman.com)


Evolution – Art of Living

The art of living is very, very high on my mind lately. Perhaps it is a midlife thing? By midlife, I am referring less to the crisis, over-the-hill, let’s-slow-down mode that too many people accept or even promote (I have been told to slow down far too many times to my liking!), but the accumulated experiences, thinking and searching that leads to this milestone of clarify, completed with sparks of re-energization to pave another new chapter.


Appreciation of Moments

I don’t want to sound all coach-y here; I am not going to preach the importance of living in the moments.  The truth is, this is my weakest suit, so weak that it has been affecting my life in many ways. This is part of being a (clinically defined) perfectionist, plus whatever additional genetic and environmental factors that led me to who I am.

Gradually in the past couple of years, the whole “enjoy the moment” thing has sunk in. The gap between knowing it intellectually and feeling it within has shrunk.

A lot of my “moments” are captured and shared on Facebook (with friends), this one included. Why not include and expand it on Simmering Goodness, I thought.

A moment in Hong Kong at my very dear Maternal Grandmother’s resting place.



Little Remarkable Moments

I am hardly alone. A friend of mine, Yang-Mai Ooi, has recently started a blog called Little Remarkable Moments.

Yang-Mai is one of my admired role models. An Oxford grad and lawyer by profession, she is also a best-selling author, an award-winning TEDx speaker, an acclaimed story performer and creative artist. We met through an alumni group on Facebook (our boarding school in England) and I had the opportunity to chat with her on the phone about my startup.

Without a shred of doubt, Yang-Mai is far ahead of me in terms of accomplishments. And I feel privileged to share my baby steps with such an extraordinary woman.


Are you like me, slowly waking up to the importance of appreciating the moments?


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