Oh, how I wish I could sketch!

Happened upon Pete Scully’s blog and impressive sketches today. Which reminds me of the allure of sketches, my inability to do so, and why I hope to learn.

Pete Scully
Source: http://petescully.com

Sketching and Doodling as a Business Tool

Whiteboard brainstorming is an elementary business practice. For years, I relied on bullet points, various shapes and connecting lines to capture, organize, analyse, and summarize my/team ideas. They were my go-to tools because they were my limits.

As visual thinking became more popular (like Xplane, Dan Roam’s The Back of a Napkin) , I had the opportunity to learn (Sunni Brown’s Infodoodling) and tip-toe into this new/enhanced/alternative ways to communicate. So far, I am using this as a thinking tool – or communication with myself if you will. It really helps to sort out the oodles of noodles in my head 🙂

Travel Sketching

If sketches are used to depict a dreary court scene, surely it can and should be used to capture happier moments, such as delightful sights during one’s travels. Imagine, supplementing your Facebook/Instagram feeds with sketches of what you see, feel, eat and sense.

Googled and found numerous entries about the topic. A few random sites that caught my eyes: Travelsketch blog, Trumpet Vine Travels, Gear for Travel Sketching.

BUT SINCE YOU’VE hit the road, you’ve started to feel like your camera just isn’t cutting it anymore. Something about the new scenes in front of you is begging to be seen through a different lens – the artist’s eye.  (Candace Rardon)

Source: http://matadornetwork.com/goods/gear-start-travel-sketching/

I wonder if I would ever be good enough to sketch on the go? Will it be relaxing or stressful? Is this something we can encourage our kid to try, using pictures as opposed to words to record their travel experiences?

Draw your Feelings

A few month ago, I received a very precious gift from a friend.


She also frequently post a signature “mouse” figure to convey her mood du jour. I may share some in the future, with her permission.

Coincidentally, right before I received her sketch, I was feeling rather down and reached out to an online group for support.

While I wrote for comfort, she drew. Such talent.

Digital Tools

Pen and paper is relatively new to me; I have always used the digital medium. A few apps have been downloaded but not frequently used on my iPad, including Penultimate (a product by Evernote, which I love), and Paper by FiftyThree (a gorgeous app). Apparently there is a whole world of digital sketching and drawing apps I have yet explored (thanks, http://www.creativebloq.com).

Sketching, doodling, drawing … all still very new to me. Yet I feel that this skill, when acquired and improved, will serve me well in many ways.

Do you sketch?


One thought on “Oh, how I wish I could sketch!”

  1. I do, wish I did more. Too busy with everything nowadays, even answering emails while I am on the train when I should actually look up and make sketches of people and the passing scenery.

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