Stretch Your Plastic Brains!

Have you read this brilliant article from WSJ – Our Amazing Plastic Brains?



…Neuroscientists took to describing the brain as a computer. This “master analogy” … encourages us to see thought as “software” and the brain’s structure as “hardware….The unhappy practical implication of this view…is clear: Hardware inevitably degenerates with time and use. The rule for a machine is, “Use it and lose it.” Many clinicians under the sway of this analogy saw patients’ attempts to resist their brains’ decline through activity and mental exercise as a harmless waste of time.

Fortunately, a growing body of research suggests that this older view is wrong. It seems that a more accurate rule for our brains is “Use it or lose it.”

If so, are you as super duper excited as I am? Haven’t read it? Please please please click and read (yes, even if you are leaving my blog, I insist!).


For 10 years, both my mind and body have been constantly exposed to serious challenges, some deliberately sought, most in the form of big, fierce curveballs.

It’s also the beginning of a decade when I am constantly told “it’s time to slow down”, or “accept things as is” WHICH I INSTINCTIVELY WRITE OFF.

As a result, my brainwork has evolved in the most amazing ways. It’s tough but rewarding, scary yet deliciously exciting. A fan of neuroscience, I am happy to read that such plasticity is indeed scientifically proven and encouraged!!

Have you been told to accept a downhill decline? Did you accept or ignore the advice? What did you do? How do you feel? What WILL you be?


2 thoughts on “Stretch Your Plastic Brains!”

  1. This is an incredibly positive concept outlined in this article. One of the reasons I do regular high impact physical exercise is to keep my brain function healthy. I keep mentally active by writing every day watching the news several times a day and reading and interacting with news related posts on Twitter.

    1. Caroline – great seeing you here and thanks for your comment. YES, physical exercises do wonders. I only discovered that in my 40s (mainly Pilates, HIIT, and many different programmes depending on my mood!) but it has changed my life. Also highly recommended for our 2 ADHD kids! I can literally feel my brain morphing too as I have evolved the way I think over the decades.

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