I turned/will turn 48, depending on where the birthday greetings come from 🙂 Already receiving good wishes (via Facebook of course) from friends on the other side of the globe.

Following the earth rotation, in-person celebration shall begin technically in 12 mins (midnight) and realistically whenever I get up in the morning!

At 48, I have simmered down my birthday wish to a simple statement: Energy, Presence, and Get Organized!



I have not written for 1.5 years


My last post was in Feb 2015, a whole 1.5 years ago.

Blogging is not my livelihood; it is just a mean of sharing my thoughts, feelings and opinions. To be honest, I had a hard time nailing down what exactly I was committed to share with the world.



What happened since my last post was an intensive, very intensive, period of family health issues and resulting stress (not exaggerated or imaginary as I was sent for multiple cancer tests only to conclude it was a serious case of stress-induced issues). All on top of the usual work, parenting, etc.  Thank goodness for a super husband and super kids….still. Without sharing details right now, let’s say my family and I had spent a significant amount of time at the medical and various others professionals. Still, business went on, school went on, and we have all MADE IT.

I came out from this anno horribilis with more empathy, more clarity, and more ambitions. Quite different from the “hear me roar” attitude in my younger days, it is a saturated, warm and (dare I say) more mature way to progress.

It is not a flash in the pan passion. It is Simmering Goodness.