I turned/will turn 48, depending on where the birthday greetings come from 🙂 Already receiving good wishes (via Facebook of course) from friends on the other side of the globe.

Following the earth rotation, in-person celebration shall begin technically in 12 mins (midnight) and realistically whenever I get up in the morning!

At 48, I have simmered down my birthday wish to a simple statement: Energy, Presence, and Get Organized!



2 thoughts on “Birthday!”

  1. Happy birthday Evelyn! Sorry I haven’t been on Facebook in a while so I missed that it was your birthday. How come you are 48 when I am only 46 and we were in the same year? Anyway my mental health idea has stalled slightly I need to find another charity to go with. When it actually does go forward with the feasibility study I would love your advice. Speak soon and I might be coming to Vancouver later this year – how far away from you is that? It’s probably miles away as Canada is so huge but I thought I might be slightly closer in terms of meeting up. Thanks for following my blog and for all your comments on facebook. 🙂

    1. Hey Caroline 🙂

      I joined at O-levels from the HK education system which explains the discrepancy in age, in addition to the birth month/school admittance issue. Let’s arrange a time to talk about the mental health thing! Hope the book is coming along though?

      Vancouver is on the other side of the continent so not really a “hop over” kind of trip. 4.5-5 hours flight time and often at an astronomical rate – it is cheaper to fly to Europe from Toronto than across Canada!

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