When deadline is your fuel

Only 2 days into my 10-day blogging experiment, an unmistakable trend emerged: that my motor runs on deadlines. 

Source: themetapicture.com

As if that was a surprise. As far as I remember, and I do have an exceptional memory, exam revisions mean all-nighters and real deadlines bring out the best of me.

This is rather inconvenient when it comes to this 10-day experiment model. A day has 24 hours and nothing has stopped me from posting at 11:45 pm (indeed, the clock just turned 12am; it is tomorrow).


It is of course not rocket science. Countless people have life-long routines. Many  use calendar entries to kickstart a new routine, such as working out 5:30 pm every  weekday. But routine and I are not fast friends. While understood on an intellectual level, I rarely/never manage to evolve into a creature of habit. I too have used my calendar including multiple alerts…but things just did not happen.

This time it feels different. I get it. I FEEL IT, the desire to have a neatly scheduled day so I do not have to wander/rush from task to task. Looking back at the last 2 days, surely my blogging would have been more enjoyable had I set my alert to a specific time, hot tea in hand, and approach the keyboard with oh-look-I-am-so-in-control pride.

Here’s to wrapping up day 2 and onto day 3.


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