Steering your self improvement projects alone. Not.

I feel particularly overwhelmed these few weeks but in an organized way. With a keen sense of insight and enough experience, I am neither lost nor confused – each and every one of my self-improvement initiative is loud and clear. Still, it is paralysing.

The “Mirror Box”, the Museum Centre in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Determination. Momentum. Paralysed? No, that won’t do! 


I have decided to take on a new partner in my journey (in addition to my existing rock of a husband and a couple of friends).  Just like accounting, haircuts, or legal affairs, I am searching for a seasoned professional (therapist) who can further my clarification and actions. Not stopping any current self-experimentation, of course.


As mentioned, I excel in self-observation and insights – “perhaps too much”, said a couple of professionals. Coupled with my educational background in psychology (social psychology, but I also covered cognitive, behavioural, etc.), I can be a picky partner. My very first experience with a therapist was a joke, as I was mentally pinpointing the official scientific term behind her every word and suggestion. Granted, she was probably rather green, or just a misfit for me.

So, here’s the learning of the day. Even with determination and love aplenty, it is important to recognize when a professional partner is required.


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