Experiment #2 – PIIT Workout Programme

I just finished day 2 of PIIT28. (I am not an ambassador so don’t expect a review or a link to purchase!).

I am no stranger to intensive training and it all started in my early 40s. Yes, in my 40s. For 3 years, the transformation took me from a newbie to one of those enviable beings who actually love and yearn for daily/regular intensive workouts. Achievements included weight loss (needed at that time, though clinically I was within the healthy range), great cardiovascular health, and muscles that not only looked good but helped fix my knee (injured 25 years ago), back and shoulders. People came to me for advice.

Unfortunately, then came a rather classical “crash and burn” story involving a return of my bulimia (last seen 20 years ago!), this time built around obsessive calorie tracking and exercising, all cheered on by a fitness circle that celebrates the extremes.


It was not all losses though. Through the experience, I had learned to:

  • Love exercise….in particular, learned how to restart my workout in the most pleasant way so that my body actually asks for more. That is, a Self-motivating Engine.
  • What kind of workout person I am. Basically, I found The Click.




So what do I want to get out of this Experiment?

  1. Well, I never followed a programme from the beginning to the end, which is totally fine, because boredom kills motivation. In some cases, some programmes (designed to help but also to be sold, understandably) just aren’t the most safe or sensible for everyone. For PIIT28, I disagree with 6 consequent days of workout with 1 rest day. 3 days + rest + 3 days or even 2 rest days is more suitable for many reasons, including time management and injury prevention.
  2. My hypothesis is that a guide – followed with modification – should be like an anchor, allowing me to track and cheer myself on along the way. To see the proverbial needle moving is a very good thing.
  3. Is there anyway to never have to “restart workout” again? Is there any way that Self-motivating Engine operates on a steady pace without start-and-stop? Building on my previous achievements and learning, can I go further in the pursuit of an active lifestyle?


So here’s to Experiment #2!


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