What missing a day of my 10-day experiment has taught me

Yesterday was a good one, including restarting my Pilates and HIIT training (fitter than I expected after taking a training break) and discovering a lovely Japanese ramen-cum-izakaya place. Before I knew, it was past midnight and me fading and unable to think let alone write.

So I decided to miss the 3rd day of my 10-day continuous blogging challenge. I thought about whipping up a sentence or two so not to have a gap… yet that would defeat the purpose of blogging in the first place. This is no completing kindergarten homework to get a star; this is about documenting moments and sharing genuine thoughts. This is self-experimentation for discovering and bettering life.



There is a fundamental difference between the “10-day Challenge” vs “10-day Experiment” mindsets.

A Challenge is about getting to that finish line, that’s it. 

An Experiment focuses on collecting data (observations, reflections, etc.) throughout those 10 days in order to evaluate a hypothesis then apply learning. 


In this case, I failed to following the challenge rules but I have succeeded in learning a few important things:

  1. The ultimate habit I wish to develop is regular blogging as opposed to daily blogging. If the focus is on “writing something everyday”, it becomes an empty pursuit where I likely churn out meaningless sentences. Regularity to be defined, maybe once a week at least? Mon/Wed/Fri?
  2. A single word can change the whole mindset. Challenge vs Experiment; Trophy vs Learning.
  3. I really enjoy writing about this self-experiment. The promise to “report” on my progress and thoughts is an anchor; I look forward to sharing at the end of the day.


If you are a leisure blogger and have ever struggled with “how often should I blog”, I would like to know your story.




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