Experiment: The Diet Fix which has nothing to do with dieting

+10 days ago, I read about this book The Diet Fix by this doctor Yoni Freedhoff who writes this popular blog called Weighty Matters.

As someone who has a well-honed BS radar, I gave it a shot (meaning, I bought the e-book with a barrel of salt).

It was a sound investment. At least for me.

There is absolutely NOTHING new in this book. But the way he has helped me get over a certain hump is immeasurable.

I will explain in my next post. Meanwhile, I am curious about YOUR main challenge du jour?




Why I did not blog

A fortnight ago I was all determined not only blog but to do so daily, 10 days in a row.

I did not. And I did not feel bad about that at all.

Why? Because the experiment has taught me not once, but twice about the real essence of blogging.

When I first missed blogging, I learned.

When I realize blogging daily is NOT my thing, I learned.

My goal and promise: I do not write according to a schedule, but because I have something to share with others who are on a similar journey.