Experiment (update): The Diet Fix which has nothing to do with Dieting

Guilty as charged – a half-written blog post and a delayed follow-up.

So, here’s the result of this 2-weeks’ experiment on (more or less) applying The Diet Fix principles.

3D structure of the protein myoglobin showing turquoise α-helices


The Diet Fix principles

If you already know about Yoni Freedhoff and his work, blog, and book, great. If you don’t (like me, a month ago), do google. In a nutshell, his approach involves:

  1. Weight management = Sacrifice/Torture = Failure
  2. Be realistic about your weight management goal – can you sustain that for life?
  3. Protein, protein, and protein (20g per meal and 10g per snack, 6 meals a day if possible).
  4. Track your macronutrient AND calories as an investigative tool.


Point 1 and 2 are nothing new to me. I have learned that through my own experiences. However, the importance of protein tracking is new to me. I just never got to the point of paying attention to protein – or macro-nutrients on the whole – to understand how it is a different mindset from calorie-only-tracking.



Here’s what I have learned/discovered/observed:

  • Protein does make a difference. I feel satiated, more energetic and alert (granted, the energetic part can be attributed to many things other than Protein intake, from placebo effect to better sleep).
  • Lower carb intake (more because I have been choosing high protein items as opposed to deliberately cutting carbs) makes a huge difference re: my fluid retention. Much reduced!
  • Meeting the MINIMUM (of protein and cals per meal) is a drastically different mindset from freaking out over the MAXIMUM ALLOWANCE of cals in my not-so-wise bulimia days. It takes the fear out of number tracking.
  • Yoni is right that satisfying, protein packed breakfast and lunch will naturally leads to a sensible dinner. There were a couple of days where I could not do “perfect” breakfast and there was a domino effect throughout the rest of the day.


Would I recommend The Diet Fix?

Yes, if 

  • you are ready to think about eating differently (as opposed to “following” a prescribed diet, or counting cals in a sour mood till the cows come home).
  • you are wise and understand health-management is a life long plan and not governed by that silly number on your scale.
  • you visit your doctor regularly and know that you are keen to keep things in check (no denial) – that means you are full-on confident about tackling obesity, diabetics, etc.


No, if

  • you fit none of the above descriptions.
  • you still think diet = minus X pounds.
  • you focus on weight as opposed to health.


If you have read/followed The Diet Fix, do share your thoughts!







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