Simmering Goodness – nothing to do with cooking

Shortly after I registered the domain, a soliciting email arrived, persuading me to use his “reusable codes” to promote my “cooking website”.

Having worked in technology (with a MSc) since 1992, that was HILARIOUS. I know what he means by “reusable codes” – which is nothing in this case, considering I’ve worked on more advanced technology.  More amusing still, is the presumption that a blog named Simmering Goodness must be  a cooking-related endeavour!

I am all for small businesses. I’ve hire and supported many. Heck, I am a small biz too! However, my advice for those in SEO/push marketing is that, please, at least do your homework. It’s literally a 5-mins task!

What is alarming is that this kind of thinking is becoming a norm, targeting the innocent consumers with an offer that’s nothing but BS.  In the past 10 years, I had encountered an equal amount of solid, professional services and “yahoos” who are out there to capitalize on fads such as “wordpress website” or “social media”.

Anyhow, Simmering Goodness is not supposed to be a demonstration of advanced technology or fancy design (the latter would have been nice of course!). The goal has always been connecting with like-minded people, who resonate with my musings and can in return help me with refining what this blog is about.


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