Experiment #1 – Blog everyday

As per my last post, I am going to start a series of 10-day (+/- as needed) challenges to keep my many persona projects going.

#1 did not start on the best note. Technically I missed the day and now at 2:30 am I am finally putting fingers to keyboard.

Today I want to write about Self-Experimentation which is kind of what I am doing now, designing experiments (e.g. 10 continuous day of blogging) on a single subject (me!) to collect data (how I feel, what I have done) to test a hypothesis (that small and regular time-based challenges contribute to lifestyle changes).

A poor diary keeper, I never bothered to keep a record of my previous “self projects”. The longest log I ever kept was the calorie/exercise count on MyFitnessPal (a separate and long story). Occasionally I would start a spreadsheet, or invest in a fancy notebook, but neither managed to change my habit.

Yesterday while googling the topic of X-day challenges, I found a series of X-day challenges templates from Checkli templates. While Checkli is designed to “make and share free checklists” (an app), their templates came up in the image search. Nothing ground-breaking but just simple, elegantly-designed, and functional. Shoutout to Checkli – I downloaded your app too!

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.37.35 AM


It is a print version only – not editable. Which may actually be a great idea – I can put it up on the wall right by my desk (no escape) as opposed to having it as one of the 20 windows on my laptop.

So, here I go, #1 challenge, day 1. Done.



Have you tried any 10-day challenge?

..or 2 weeks…or 30 days..you get the idea. A lifestyle change, maybe completing a workout programme, or – and this is a yummy one – do a Julie & Julia.

Reason for asking

I am sick of Me (again) so I am starting a New Me. Unfortunately, while I pride myself on constantly learning and evolving, the lack of well-defined milestones means minuscule changes occur over an unnecessarily lengthy period. The fast-and-furious way? Tried and crashed, achievements were short-lived.

Allow me to ponder here a bit….


Here’s the Goal

Solid lifestyle changes that take neither too long nor too short a period to complete. I’d like to think this is a pretty universal want, don’t you think?

Here’s the Approach beautifully captured


Note the “Day In Day Out” part. It’s about habit forming, it’s about consistent schedule….(it’s about that thing I am so very bad in).

Meaning, I will do this

  1. Setting up 10-day challenges with teeny tiny Daily Milestones for each day.
  2. Post my challenges here – goal, daily milestones, report-worthy moments, etc.

And here’s 10-day challenge #1
Post everyday for the next 10 days, any topic.

Phew, it feels monumental already 🙂




Pokemon GO, stay.

As a parent, I highly encourage our kids to go Pokemon-Go-ing. It is Social Currency. It is Tech Advancement.

It does NOT mean they will automatically be idiots walking into traffic to catch a Pokemon. Au contraire, our kids are fully aware of the safety issue (without our guidance) and enjoy the game as a pastime e.g. backseat driving. They asked to pick up new books as treats – screen and book CAN co-exist.

As for myself, I am very interested in how Augmented Reality (what Pokemon Go really is) can be applied to other facets of life. I am not into gaming yet I see the potential, the possibility of building AR for very good causes.

Let’s remember, it is not just a game per se. It is a technology and we have the privilege and responsibility to enhance human life via technology!!


I turned/will turn 48, depending on where the birthday greetings come from 🙂 Already receiving good wishes (via Facebook of course) from friends on the other side of the globe.

Following the earth rotation, in-person celebration shall begin technically in 12 mins (midnight) and realistically whenever I get up in the morning!

At 48, I have simmered down my birthday wish to a simple statement: Energy, Presence, and Get Organized!