2 mins, go!

I am going to write a post on procrastination, after weeks of procrastinating as a blogger. So you bet my mind is on the subject.

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Procrastination weighs on one’s mind like a tonne of bricks. It drags you down and before you know it, you are at a rather unhappy place. The popularity of this topic, as seen in books, articles, etc..clearly indicates that it is part of human nature. Or at least some humans, like me!

I have on numerous occasions beat that inertia. And it feels great when the hurdle has been crossed and the task done. You know the feeling?

Today, I came across some nuggets of advice that you may find helpful. It is from James Clear called the “2-Minute Rule that is The Easiest Way to Quit Procrastinating For Good”. (Admittedly, most “easiest way to <insert subject>” articles are worthless or even spammy.  However, this one strikes a chord with me and I can attest that it does work.)

There are 2 parts

Part 1 – If it takes less than 2 minutes, then do it now.

Part 2 – When you start a new habit, it should take less than 2 minutes to do.

Translating into real life examples…

Want to become a better writer? Just write one sentence (2–Minute Rule), and you’ll often find yourself writing for an hour.

Want to eat healthier? Just eat one piece of fruit (2–Minute Rule), and you’ll often find yourself inspired to make a healthy salad as well.

Want to make reading a habit? Just read the first page of a new book (2–Minute Rule), and before you know it, the first three chapters have flown by.

Want to run three times a week? Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, just get your running shoes on and get out the door (2–Minute Rule), and you’ll end up putting mileage on your legs instead of popcorn in your stomach.

My experience

For years, I had been an armchair athlete. I read about workout, I read about nutritions, I read about everything…without actually moving my behind. The need to “plan big” had been holding me back. Then out of the blue, I decided to stop reading and thinking and just did it. The results are briefly captured in my post “Dread Exercising?”.

Instead of thinking or planning to exercise, I just started moving. In 2 mins, my body was awake and was asking for more.

Ditto for re-organizing some dreaded corners of the house. No big plans.  I just started doing it and before I knew, I had cleared out a whole closet of junk.

Perhaps you are a thinker/planner like me? If so, yes, the “2 mins, just do it” thing seems counter-intuitive. But give it a try anyway. The worst case scenario – you lost a few minutes. Possible best case scenario? The sky is the limit 🙂

Enjoy your Thursday!